Am a full time mom of three boys…..no….five boys (incl two nephews!!). Atleast that is the explanation I give! 😛 Help out in office….help out at home….help out at school…..LOVE my girls’ days out!!!! Learning to create with my hands…..lucky enough to have the facilities and energy to do that!!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Great! welcome to the blogosphere! I’m new too…just one and a half months old!

  2. Welcome to blog world Dear!!

  3. Just went through your blog shobhana…fabulous cards! Loved the sketches. Might try them sometime.
    Thanks also for your very sweet comments.

  4. Love ur cards!! they r always a delight to see!

  5. Love all your new cards Shobhana! Am unable to leave comments on specific cards though…but all are gorgeous!
    what would you like to know about the tennis card?
    email me at parumahtani@gmail.com

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice comment about my granddaughter’s photos I took recently (NewBabyGirl). 😉 You do some unbelievably beautiful stuff…and I LOVE PTI, too!
    I’ll check back in soon!

  7. maithili iyer

    Nice to see that you have started a blog, Shobana! what a perfect way to share your baking with the world! Your baked goods always look so yummy..


  8. Kripa

    Hey Shobhi! Didn’t know you blog>Awesome work being shared with people. Love your cards. Simply super.

  9. love ur creations..first time here

  10. Stumbled upon your blog by chance and immediately I fell in love with it 🙂 You are creating wonders with your cards. Simply loved them 🙂 Keep creating 🙂

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