Magic Doughnuts!


I hope I got your attention with the name of this post….yes! Its true! You can make magic doughnuts…magically made fast and magically disappearing fast too! And magically add that little extra to your waist! 🙂

I found this recipe at Cooking Classy – simply amazing blog! She has soooo many lovely recipes that I have been busy printing out recipes to try this whole week! 🙂 She lists this recipe under her Breakfast list…giving you more ideas now, eh?!?! And it is called 15-minute Doughnuts – From Scratch.

Also got back to the pinterest bug so my printer finally had some work to do this week! Just hope my family does not complain too much about the sweets I will be attempting!

Totally yummy right? Takes just 20 minutes for you to make these!

You will need –

1 1/4 cups –  flour
2 tsp – baking powder
1/4  tsp – salt

Sift together in a bowl. Keep aside.

1/4 cup – milk
1/4 cup – buttermilk
1/4 cup – castor sugar
3 Tbsp – melted butter

Whisk all these together in another bowl till combined.

Mix the dry with the wet ingredients but DO NOT KNEAD! Mix gently with a fork or with your hands gently.

vegetable oil, for frying

Heat the oil in a wok/pan/whichever utensil works best for you. Make sure it is not too hot as the doughnuts will burn easily.

Make small balls with the dough and gently cook it in the oil. Drain on a paper towel.

Gently roll the fried dough balls in granulated sugar, cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar, when warm.

That’s it! Makes a fantastic snack for the kids after school or a just-popping-one-into-my-mouth-while-I-pass-by-the-box snack! 🙂

I doubled the recipe for my boys but I can assure you that you need not have boys in your house for them to disappear fast! 🙂

Have a sweet day and tha

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One thought on “Magic Doughnuts!

  1. Priya Venkat

    Hey, Shobana, they look delicious and I bet they taste yummilicious too.

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