Gluten-free Muffins

Hey y’all!

Welcome to another baking post! Today, my friend Priya Venkat’s daughter called and asked if I was baking anything. Now, after that chocolate cake, I was not planning to but found it hard to say no to the little one. So told her to come over and thought about making something without chocolate. Now, it was hard even for me to look for an interesting recipe! 😀 But then dawned that Priya’s son is gluten-intolerant so looked for gluten free recipes. And found this rice based muffin recipe which we decided to try out. The recipe is from the Reader’s Digest Cakes – 1001 recipes. Simply fantastic buy! 🙂

Turns out that the strapping boy liked it and called to say a sweet thank you! So happy I found something to make for him. It is also the first time he is having anything baked. Feeling really chuffed! 🙂

You will need –

1 1/3 cups – brown rice flour

1 cup – rice bran (I could not find rice bran and so used beaten rice powder)

2 tsp – baking powder

1/4 tsp – salt

Mix these together and keep aside. The recipe also adds ground ginger and nutmeg which I thought would be a bit strong for the boy so skipped it totally.

1 cup – mashed ripe bananas

I used pureed apple instead as banana was not a favored fruit for who I was making it for. I chopped two apples, added 1 cup castor sugar and 1 cup water and put it to boil over medium heat for about 20 minutes till soft and tender. You can either hand blend to a pulp or process it. I also added 1 tsp of cinnamon powder, some lime juice and vanilla at this time. Let cool and keep aside.

1 – egg

1/4 cup – vegetable oil

1 cup – brown sugar

Beat these together till light and combined well.

3/4 cup – milk

1/2 cup – chopped raisins and apricots

Add the apple mix, the milk and the dry fruits to the egg mix and combine well.

Add the rice flour mix to this and fold in gently.

Fill the muffin cups 3/4 way and bake at 375 F (190 C) for 20 minutes.

I got a thumbs up for this and so go ahead and give this a try yourself! 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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One thought on “Gluten-free Muffins

  1. I am glad I am finally able to comment on your posts. It requires me to log in to wordpress before commenting though…….seems weird!

    Thanks so much for making the muffins for Adit. He was thrilled to actually be eating something that was baked and that looked and felt like a muffin. He kept asking Ammu… this how a muffin tastes really? 3/4th of the dabba is done. He is saving the rest hoping it lasts for a few more days.

    You made his day and I can never thank you enough for that.

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