Mini Cards

I have three boys aged 11, 8 and 5. So getting them together and attempting to do a project of any kind is quite challenging! They are quite different and so finding a common interest is sometimes quite impossible! 🙂 My first born and last born are quite artistically inclined and are the ones who show a lot of interest in my crafting and especially my supplies! 🙂 And they decided that they will make cards too. Now, they got smart and declared they will make mini cards! How could I say no to that?!?!?! 🙂 Here is what they created.

These were made by my 5 year old! No clue what they are and what is means!! 🙂

These were made by my 11 year old. Two on the sides he gave to both his brothers with a cute message for them. The one in the middle is one he made random! 🙂 Thought he made a great use of the circle foam for the head! And his “Wasup” bubble!!! 🙂

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One thought on “Mini Cards

  1. priya

    When you give the cards you make to family members, it stays at home and you dont have to part with your creation. Smart, isint it. Ammu does that a lot. That foam head is just perfect…down to the smile on the mouth. Good work by the two.

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